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Riotware only provides support for the Rio Riot.  Rather than trying to provide moderate support for all Rio audio players, Riotware is meant to provide the most support for the Rio Riot.  This allows Riotware to provide features not offered by other programs.

Riotware includes the following features:

  • File Listing -- View title, artist, and album information for all of the songs on your Riot
  • Hard Drive Information -- View storage statistics, as well as the model and serial numbers of your hard drive
  • Preferences -- View information about volume, equalizer, and power settings, as well as your radio presets
  • Load/Save Preferences -- Save your preferences to a file and load them to your Riot later
  • Edit Preferences -- Set player preferences from your computer (Riotware-gtk only)
  • Upload Files -- Upload a single file, a directory, or your entire collection with one command
  • Delete files -- Remove files you no longer need
  • Set time -- Synchronize the clock on your Riot with the clock on your PC
  • Easy-to-use API -- Developers can provide their own frontend for Riotware, or incorporate it into their own project

Riotware does not include support for:

  • Uploading WMA files
  • CD-ripping and mp3 encoding.